May 24, 2010

'artDive' Kyoto art festa

This is an exhibition and sale event of young and energetic artists, for young and energetic artists, by young and energetic artists.
There will be more than 150 exhibit booths and you will get a lot of chances to be stimulated by their work.
The products are; paintings, movies, animation works accessories etc.....
Please enjoy new talented art work in Kyoto!

京都で開催される、若手クリエイターのためのアートフェスタ:artDive[アートダイブ] 京都アートフェスタ2010

May 11, 2010

16th May Mifune Matsuri Festival

16th May Mifune Matsuri Festival

*Mifune Matsuri = Boating

During Mifune Festival, a procession of lavishly decorated boats carrying costumed courtiers, musicians and dancers makes its way down the Oi River in the Arashiyama area.

The spectacle works out the Imperial Boating Party of the Heian era.

Their prows shaped into clourful dragons and phoenixes.

Sacred dances, poetry readings, Noh dramas and traditional melodies are performed on the boats.

Hire a boat or book a place on a sightseeing for a close-up view of the water-borne performances, or join the crowds watching from Arashiyama's famous Togetsu Bridge.

This is annual event ! Why don't you experience boating in ancient way?

[ Date ]

16th May 12pm - 16pm

[ Fee ]


[ Access ]

City bus No.71,72.73 from Kyoto Station to 'Kurumazaki jinjya mae'

May 6, 2010

May 15th Aoi Festival

Aoi Festival reproduces the imperial processions to the shrines in ancient days .

An Imperial messenger and his suite in court costumes assemble at Kyoto Imperial Palace .
The festival is called Aoi ( hollyhock ) , because all the participants of the parade decorate their costumes with hollyhock leaves.
Hollyhock is believed to have all sorts of powers, including protection against lightning and earthquakes, and guaranteeing easy childbirth.

Route of the procession as below;
Kyoto Imperial Palace ( 10:30AM ) ---> Shimogamo Shrine ( 11:40AM )
Shimogamo Shrine ( 2:20PM ) ---> Kamigamo Shrine ( 3:30PM )