Feb 22, 2015

2015 Grand Sumo Tournament

2015 Grand Sumo Tournament is coming to Osaka in March.
Why don't you see it if you are in Kansai area!?

Date : March 8-22
Place: Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium (BODYMAKER COLOSSEUM)
Ticket: From 3100yen-
Available: http://sumo.pia.jp/en/vacant/va03.jsp

What's SUMO?

Plum Blossoms

We can feel that spring is coming here in Kyoto.
I know that everyone is waiting for sakura (cherry blossoms), why don't you go to  see plum blossoms to start your spring?

I visited Kitano Tenmangu Shrine which is famous for plum blossoms on Feb. 19th.
It was not in full blossom but some trees are 70% in bloom.
I think the best season is going to be in early March.
You need to pay 600yen (with tea & sweet) to enter the plum garden but there are many trees on the outside of the garden as well.
Plum Blossom Viewing Festival is held on Feb. 25th and outdoor tea ceremony is performed by maiko and geiko.

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine
  Access...City Bus #50 to "Kitanotenmangumae"

Other places for plum blossoms...

Nijojo Castle
  Access...City Bus #9 or #50 to "Nijojomae"
Kyoto Imperial Park
  Time...24hours open
  Access...Subway Karasuma Line to "Imadegawa"

Kyoto Prefectural botanical Park
  Time...9:00-17:00 (the reception open until 16:00)
  Access...Subway Karasuma Line to "Kitayama"

Feb 13, 2015

What to do in Kyoto on St.Valentine's Day

Tomorrow the whole world will celebrate St. Valentine's Day!
Many couples will go for dinner to some fancy restaurants. But for guests coming to Kyoto we suggest much more exciting and romantic ways to spend this day.

l         Kyoto Planetarium.
Just for 510 Yen you can travel around Universe together. Science center with Planetarium is 15 min walk from Takeda Station. Show starts at 13:00 and 15:45.

l         Small picnic at Kamogawa River.
It is still little bit cold outside. But if you would like to feel romantic atmosphere of Kyoto, wear something warm, grab some snack and spend this evening at  the riverside of Kamogawa around Shijo. You can also have dinner at one of the restaurants nearby with picturesque view, however, they are quite pricey.

l         Umeda Sky Building (Osaka; 30 mins by train from Kyoto Station)
Umeda Sky Building is 173 meters high. The 40th top and the rooftop are the Floating Garden Observatory where you can enjoy the sky and panoramic views. Entrance fee is 700 Yen.

l         Day trip to Nara
One of the most romantic places in Kansai is former capital Nara with its deer and old-fashioned shops and restaurants. Walk through Nara Park, try to feed deer and of course don’t miss Todaiji- temple with the biggest statue of Buddha in Japan.

l         Yasui Konpiragu Shrine
This shrine, located at Higashiyama area, not far from Yasaka Shrine, is famous for removing all evil fate that stands in the way of happy relationships between men and women. When married or dating couples, who are matched by good fate, visit the shrine, their good relationship will not be disturbed. They should have no concerns, since they will be blessed with an even deeper and stronger connection.

So these are a few options for your date in Kyoto.
By the way, tomorrow we are having Valentine’s Day Party at J-Hoppers Kyoto! Join us!