Jan 23, 2010

Setsubun event at Yoshida Shrine

Before romantic Valentine, there is a event for soybeans in Japanese culture. It is called Setsubun. People scatter soybeans to outside to drive bad spirits out of their houses and bring in good luck.

This ceremony is also held in temples and shrines.
Feb 2nd-Feb 4th [ Yoshida Shrine ]

Tel : 075-771-3788
Access : City Bus 202 'Kumano Jinjya mae' walk 10minits

Feb 2nd:Tsuina-shiki ( Ceremony of Chase Devils ) 6:00PM~
Feb 3rd:Karo Festival (good luck charms from last year are burned in a giant central bonfire) 11:00PM~

There are also more than 800 street stalls during the events.
Please enjoy Japanese traditional toys and sweets.
If you buy a bag of soybeans, you will get a a raffle ticket.
Why don't you try your luck for 2010?

Jan 15, 2010

"Toshiya" Archery Contest at Sanjusangen-do on the 17th of Jan

An annual New year's event, the 'Toshiya'archery contest is held at Sanjusangen-do on the 17th of Jan(Start : 9:00a.m.).

Many women join the contest wearing colorful hakama dress they have prepared for 'Coming-of-Age day (Seijin-no-Hi)'.

↓Access from J-Hoppers Kyoto guest House ↓
City bus #208'Oishibashi'⇒'Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo-mae'
Admission fee⇒ Free!!(Only the 17th of Jan)

Jan 11, 2010

Kyoto Fushimi Sake Brewert Tour !!

Do you know about "Sake"? Sake is a rice wine and getting a good reputation among the world these day. Kyoto is the second Sake producing prefecture in Japan.

It is hard for the brewer to accept the casual visitor while they are making sake but they have the wish to introduce how to make great sake. So this tour is a rare opportunity for those who are interested in sake.

Period: Januray 11th to February 28th, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Time: 9:15~11:00
Price: 2,500 yen (included sake tasting and a special sake cup)

The owner of the brewery guides you and explain in (broken) English. Please ask at the reception of J-Hoppers Kyoto for further information. (our guests only)

Jan 9, 2010

Tiger's Park @ Kyoto Station Porta

Here is not Koshien Baseball Stadium. Here is Kyoto Station.
But some tigers gatherd to celebrate the year of the tiger (in Chinese astorology)

These are replicas of the national treasure. These are still very graceful and good for the new year. It's worthseeing!!

Ah!!...Sorry but This park will open until the 11th of Jan...
Hurry up !! Otherwise these tigers run away:-)