Nov 6, 2016

Leaf peeping !!!

Day by day, it is getting cooler and cooler here so leaves start turning yellow or red.

Kyoto is now telling us the best season of the year is just around the corner :)

On this season, some temples in Gion area open even after sunset so you can enjoy illuminated Japanese maples not only daytime.

If you are not sure what to do night time in Kyoto, these may be tips of your leaf peeping :)

*Kodaiji Temple : until December 11th, sunset - 9:30 pm, 600 JPY for entrance

*Entokuin Temple : until December 11th, sunset - 9:30 pm (Except December 9 & 10th), 500 JPY for entrance


*Chionin Temple : until December 4th, 5:30 pm - 9 pm, 800 JPY for entrance


*Shorenin Temple : until December 4th, 6 pm - 9:30 pm, 800 JPY for entrance


*Kiyomizu Temple : until December 4th, 6 pm - 9 pm, 400 JPY for entrance

Alright People ! now are you ready for leaf peeping !?

Oct 31, 2016

Kodaiji art and nature

Kodaiji - one of my favorite temples in Kyoto

I was excited to visit there again for its beautiful light-up event, which takes place twice a year Spring and Autumn.

What you can see (blurry) in between trees is called "Gion-kaku" pagoda, and I figured it out that it's also called "Copper temple"!

The highlight of this event is projection mapping at the beautiful Zen garden, the theme of this Autumn is "Hyakki Yakou", a night walk of a hundred Demons. It was very quiet, still a bit spooky but very dynamic and cool!  

We started walking around the temple.

My favorite spot of Kodaiji is this great reflecting pond which is incredibly clear and calm (it was not windy at all), the water mirror was absolutely breathtaking!  

And they small bamboo forest - walking through the green bamboo was very spiritual, still refreshing and relaxing at the same time.

The night was crisp, and we decided to have some warm treat at a small cafe space at the entrance. Something hot and soupy - Matcha Zenzai (green tea red bean paste soup) was simply amazing after the temple walk!

I definitely recommend you to visit there for beautiful Autumn season, temple + art + nature + night view + sweets...what could we ask more?!

Kodaiji temple
526 Kodaiji Shimo-Kawaramachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto
Light-up till 11th Dec, last entry 21:30 
entrance fee: 600JPY

Oct 11, 2016

Get yourself pampered !

Do you fancy SENTO ( Public bath) ?

My recommendable Sento in Kyoto is  "GOKOYU(五香湯).
Not only they  have a bubble bath, an electric bath , sauna and so on like normal bath houses around, but they also have a GANBANYOKU (Bedrock Bath).
Ganbanyoku is a sauna-like spa that you lie on warm natural stones.
The ultra red ray from the stones activate our autonomic nerves and let metabolism go well !

What makes this Gokoyu stand out is a  Ore Bad Gastein from Austria.
It is really effective for many diseases.
So relaxing and soothing !

Why don't you get your body fresh ? :-)

Oct 6, 2016

Awata Festival

Awata Shrine is in Gion Area which is not one of Kyoto's famous shrines though, it is popular in autumn for its tunnel of coloured leaves.
And it has a big festival in this month!

Oct. 9th (from 18:00)
-Awata Huge Lanterns-
 Various kinds of lanterns will parade around the shrine.

-Yowatari Shinji-
 Shinto priests and monks will welcome the divine spirit by walking around the stone called “Uryuseki” for three times.This Shinto ritual is a ceremony to give thanks to god of Awata who descended.

Oct. 10th (from 12:30)
  It is held to give strength to shrine parishioners by parading around the area.
  On this day, more than 200 people will carry huge Mikoshi (portable shrines) around the town.       Also, group of people who hold long-handled spears will purify the parade road by the spears.       Although these spears weight about 40 - 60 kilogram and height about 7 - 8 meters, people who   hold them balance well while parading.

Oct. 15th (from 11:00)
 Bugaku (court dance and music) will be performed on the stage.

Access: 7min walk from Subway Tozai Line "Higashiyama Station"
            5min walk from "Jingu-michi Bus Stop"

Sep 7, 2016

Dear beer lovers !

Hi there !

Today I am introducing Oktober Fest in Kyoto.

You may think why in Kyoto ?
But this is nice excuse to drink beer as much as you want !
And it's nice to drink out side :)

Somehow, it is held on this month but who cares !?
Let's enjoy the cool summer in Kyoto :)

Date : September 18th, Sunday
Time : 12:30pm - 7pm
Place : open-air concert hall at Maruyama Park *Behind Yasaka Shrine, Gion

Don't miss out !!!



Aug 16, 2016

Yummy...Maccha parfait in Kyoto Station

Are you looking for any Japanese dessert after lunch or dinner in Kyoto?
Tsujiri is one of famous Japanese cafes, where there is a variety of dessert using ”maccha” and ”houji-cha.”
Its brunch is located on the 6th floor in ISETAN department store next to Kyoto station.
Today, many people were in a queue when we visited there, but it was worth visiting :)
Why don't you eat special Tsujiri parfait??

Aug 15, 2016

Twilight rooftop In the Moon.

Summer in Kyoto is stunningly beautiful, a lot of historical/cultural stuff going on - but very hot and sticky.
One of my MUST summer activities other than beach chillaxing and camping is ROOFTOP!
I know it's kinda silly to call it activity, but I found an amazing place and it always makes me want to dress up a bit and drags me out of air-conditioned room.

In the Moon.
My friend and former cleaner Ellie found this place on Instagram just right after people posted some photos from their pre-opening night back in the end of June. I was so pumped because it totally looked like rooftop bar in our beloved Melbourne! 

So this is what I'm talking about. Ready?

Watching the sunset from there is so romantic and breathtaking. OK sounds a bit exaggerated but in the middle of Gion area with spectacular city view of Kyoto, along the river feeling summer breeze...hands down.

I highly recommend everyone to try their great Mojito which is not cheap (1,000JPY) but once again, when I think of this amazing location and beautiful view, no table charge and overall nice time - isn't it bad?

What about them?

Absolutely fantastic. First time I got there back in the first week of July, it was so slow and chill that I could talk to the owner guy who is actually a friend of my friend, but as time passes I can tell it's getting more popular and it's hard to get a seat there especially on weekend. They don't serve food there but you can have great meal at In the Soup. on 9th floor.

This is a nice spot to have a casual hangout, nice place to have quality girls' talk or take your date!

In the Moon. (In the Soup.)
Address: Kamogawa building, 200 Nakano-cho , Higashiyama-ku
Hours: 6pm ~ 11:30pm
Closed: Wednesday 
The rooftop bar is open till mid October