Dec 22, 2017

Cold Day Hot Bath

We need warm things. Warm room? Fluffy winter socks? Kotatsu? Hot butter rum?

I was checking some bath houses around Kyoto as people ask me questions like "What's the difference between Onsen and Sentou?" "Where's the famous Onsen in Kansai?" "Where's the closest Onsen we can get from J-Hoppers?", and I found out that Kyoto has a public bath house with natural hot-spring which you can take for 430yen (410yen if you get bath ticket!).

Called Tensho-no-yu
10 mins walk from JR Nishioji station
closed: Tuesdays
open 2pm to 1am

They have multiple pools including outdoor bath or electric bath just like other Sentous, but the best part is it's natural onsen and it's cheap!

Try it and stay warm, and have a happy holiday :)

Dec 16, 2017

Machiya style Italian Restaurant

This is Saho from J-hoppers Kyoto.
One of my favorite cuisines is Italian and I have found a recommendable Italian restaurant and am happy to introduce you today.

『Dining&Cafe&Bar閏(Uruu)』is located near Nijo castle.
It is 100 year-old Machiya house and turned into a modern cafe.
Good and old atmosphere is being created both from exterior and interior of the house.
It is opened for lunch, cafe and dunner and I visited there around noon, had lunch course.
Started with appetizer, main pasta and a coffee at the end that is 1300 yen.
I really enjoyed food and cozy couch dining space.
If you are fun of Italian cuisine, this is a place to go :)

Dec 8, 2017

Christmas illlumination in Kyoto Botanical Garden

Hi, there! I'm Tomo and I work at Kyoto J-Hoppers. An autumn colored season has passed and it's only 3 weeks left this year. Christmas is coming soon!
Today, what I will introduce you is about Christmas illuminations. It will take place in Kyoto Botanical Garden from December 15th to 25th.

This is the most famous tree called Kusunokinamiki.
It's 20 meter high.

I hope you will enjoy these beautiful illuminations.