Mar 26, 2014

Sakura season in Kyoto city (mid March ~ early April)

"Sakura" season is coming soon!
We have many kinds of "sakura (桜)," cherry-blossoms in Kyoto city.
Usually, we can see sakura flower during mid March to early April.
According to the sakura forecast, sakura flower will be blooming from March 28th in Kyoto.
We have various sightseeing places for the night illumination for sakura here.

Illuminations with Sakura in Kyoto

Maruyama Koen (円山公園)
March 14th - April 13rd
Sunset ~25:00
*Bonfire: March 28th - April 6th
Access: City bus #206 "Gion"

Nijojo Castle(二条城)
March 21st - April 13rd
Reception hour: 18:00~21:00
Admission fee Adult 400yen, Elementary & Junior high shool & High shcool students 200yen
*If you are in Kimono, the entrance fee will be free!
Access: City bus #101 "Nijojo-mae"

Toji temple (東寺)
March 22nd - April 13rd
Reception hour: 18:00 - 21:00
Admission fee: 500yen
*You can not enter the halls in the temple.
Access: Kintetsu Kyoto line "Toji"
Gion-Shirakawa (祇園白川)
March 28th - April 6th
Time: Sunset ~22:00
* Photography event with Geikos & Maikos on April 2nd
You can see the small liver lined with sakura trees.

Kyoto Botanical Garden (京都府立動物園)
April 3rd - April 13rd
Time: Sunset ~21:00
Admission fee: Adult 200yen, High school student 150yen, Child younger than Junior high school Free
Access: Subway Karasuma line "Kitayama"

Kiyomizu temple (清水寺)
March 29th - April 13rd
Reception hour: 18:30 ~21:30
Admission fee: 400yen
Access: City bus #206 "Gojozaka"

**Please note that the best sakura season will depend on each place in the city.

We still have many other places for the illuminations with sakura in the city!
We have a special map for sakura in Kyoto city for our guests at the reception in Kyoto Hana Hostel.
We hope this will be helpful for you when you will arrive here.

Mar 11, 2014

Kyoto Art Flea Market

Big flea market is happening this month from 21st for 3 days!

The places are all located in the city center where you could just drop by
while sightseeing around.

Many artists and small private shops will be there to sell their goods:)
Shame I cannot make it there, but if you are around, it's worth checking out!

Japanese site:

Video in Japanese too but you could get the rough idea:

Mar 3, 2014

Rainmaking Festival at Kifune Shrine

Amagoi (Rainmaking)Festival at Kifune Shrine

 March 9th

After offering sacred water and food to the deity (at 10:00), a Shinto priest will purify the shrine grounds with sacred water; The God of Rain is worshiped and people pray for a good autumn harvest.

Access: Kyoto City Bus #17, get off at Demachiyanagi-eki-mae and take Eizan Railways to Kibune-guchi Stn. (then walk for 30 min. to the shrine); Tel: 075-741-2016;