Jan 25, 2012

SPECIAL OPEN @ Tofuku-ji

Tofuku-ji Temple is the head temple of the Tofuku-ji Temple branch of Rinzai Zen Buddhism and number three of the Five Mountains of Rinzai Zen in Kyoto. The mountain name of Tofuku-ji Temple is "Enichi-zan"

Tofuku-ji Temple is noted for its many excellent landscape gardens arranged with a fine blend of moss and stones. Among the outstanding Buddhist architecture on the grounds is the twenty-two meter high Sanmon (gate), built in 1425, the oldest Zen main gate in Japan.

On this time you, can enter the Gate, and you can see many of national treasure.

DATE :2012/1/14(sat)~2/29(水) 10:00~16:00(reception close)
access from J-Hoppers :Walk about 20min
fee of charge :600yen

Jan 12, 2012

a train cafe

We are not talking about a cafe on the trains. There is a cafe with trains in Kyoto.

open (they call it 'the first train'): 12:00 weekday
10:00 weekend
close ('the last train): 23:30 weekday & saturday
19:30 sunday

They serve 'Special curry rice'(680yen) and several other foods. The price is set slightly higher than other restaurants. But other restaurants don't have trains in their place. So it is reasonable, maybe.

Of cause the staffs serve you in uniform. This is cool.

They are located in the downtown in the city, Shijo area.
Once you arrive at Keihan 'Gion Shijo' sta. please head to Hanami-koji street.Then please turn right when you come cross the street 'Shin monzen' street. You'll see a train model in front of the building. That is a train cafe!

Jan 5, 2012

The first shoot an arrow in the year

A Happy New Year !
We hope all of you have such a wonderful year.

As you see the picture above, there is a Coming-of-Age Day in Jan. (1st Monday of Jan)
It is for the people who is 20years-old both boys and girls celebration.
They wear a special Kimono or Hakama on that day.

Regarding the special event,there is a special shoot an arrow coming on the 15th Jan. at Sanju Sangen do Temple.

DATE: 15th Jan. 9:00 AM-3:30 PM

★The first shoot an arrow in the year
The shrine has a long corridor which is about 60 meter.
The people who play Japanese archery come from all over Japan.
They stand at an end of the corridor, and then they shoot the spot at another end.
It is called “the shooting through of the Sanjusangendo Temple.”

This event is lasting for about 500 years.

Free to observe!

Access: From J-Hoppers Kyoto Guest House City Bus #208"Hakubutsukan Sanjyu Sangen do"