Jan 25, 2012

SPECIAL OPEN @ Tofuku-ji

Tofuku-ji Temple is the head temple of the Tofuku-ji Temple branch of Rinzai Zen Buddhism and number three of the Five Mountains of Rinzai Zen in Kyoto. The mountain name of Tofuku-ji Temple is "Enichi-zan"

Tofuku-ji Temple is noted for its many excellent landscape gardens arranged with a fine blend of moss and stones. Among the outstanding Buddhist architecture on the grounds is the twenty-two meter high Sanmon (gate), built in 1425, the oldest Zen main gate in Japan.

On this time you, can enter the Gate, and you can see many of national treasure.

DATE :2012/1/14(sat)~2/29(水) 10:00~16:00(reception close)
access from J-Hoppers :Walk about 20min
fee of charge :600yen

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