Nov 28, 2011

The Special Kabuki performance on the end of this year

Day by day it's getting colder and colder.
This is one of the annual event we call Kichirei kaomise Kabuki(吉例顔見世歌舞伎) is held in the end of year.

All big kabuki stars gather at Minami-za on this time

Nov 30th - Dec 26th

Nov 12, 2011

Manpukuji Art Festival -EN-

Date: Nov 19th(sat)-Nov 2oth(sun)
Time: 12:00 - 19:00
Ticket: Advance 700yen/one day 1300yen/two days
Door 800yen/one day 1500yen/two days

At: Manpukuji temple
Access: JR Kyoto sta. → JR Obaku sta. (21min, 230yen)

We used to have a fair stall in every village quite often. Nowadays those stalls are getting less and less throughout Japan.
The students from Kyoto and the artists gathered to exhibit their performance for the public. Usually they perform different places each other. You may be meeting up someone special by a curious turn of fate on this day.

Nov 10, 2011

Arashiyama Momiji Festival

Momiji means autumn leaves.
So, the season for autumn leaves is coming soon!!!

There is an event in Arashiyama.


13th Nov (SUN)
from 10:30am~

around Togetsu bridge

This year of the leaves might be late as reddish.
Though, this event is very exciting for anyone who likes Arashiyama.

Why don't you visit there?

Access: JR Sagano line "Saga Arashiyama"

Nov 4, 2011

Why don't you go out night time in Kyoto !?

Day by day in everywhere in Kyoto, It will getting colder and colder.
The foliage season has come to Kyoto once again.

I recommend you to see the night time Eikando on this year.
Eikando Temple
Nov.5 - Nov.30, 2011
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
(Gates are closed at 9:00 PM)

Tel : 075-761-0007
Access : City Bus No.5 "Nanzenji Eikando-mae"