Feb 13, 2014

Onsen (Hot Springs) in Arashiyama

Only 10 minutes walking from JR Saga-Arashiyama station, there is a new hot springs!

---Fu Fu no Yu---
12:00 - 22:00
1000 yen (weekdays), 1200 yen (weekends)

There is shampoo and body soap, you can borrow towel.
They have got sauna and open air bath.

HP (Japanese)

And, there is a unique cafe near JR Saga-Arashiyama station. The building is used to be a local public bath and now it is redesigned as a cozy cafe. It's named 'Saganoyu'.
When you get tired from walking around this beautiful Arashiyama area, this is a place to sit and have a cup of coffee.

HP (Japanese)

Feb 5, 2014


Godairikison ninno'e, also known as "Godairiki-san" is held on Feb 23rd every year at Daigoji-Temple.
Monks are empowered by Godai Myo’o (5 great powers) including Fudo Myo’o and pray for peace, health and happiness of the country and people.

This origin goes back to 907, Emperor Daigo’s time.
Prior to the festival, more than 1000 monks from all the mountains in Daigoji gather and stay in a hall for a week up until the day of the festival to thoroughly pray with paper charms called Mie. 

In recent years, “Mochi age riki hono” (dedication of power by lifting a rice cake) has been famous. In this event, male participants try to lift a 150 kg piece of rice cake and female visitors try 90 kg to dedicate power and pray for their health and happiness.

Access : 15min walk from Daigo Sta. of subway.

Feb 4, 2014

Toji ~ Special Exhibition ~

Toji Temple, known as Goju-no-tou (five-stories pagoda), is one of the famous attracting places for sightseeing in Kyoto city. The tower is also known as the highest wooden tower in Japan.
The temple has originally prospered as the main Dojo for Shingon Shingon Esoteric Buddhism.
It is now one of world cultural heritages in Kyoto. 

Toji Temple at night

Now, there is a special exhibition in Toji, where you can see some national treasures.

Special Exhibition in Toji
January 10th - March 18th
 * Five-stories pagoda & Kondo/ Kodo (main hall)
    Time  9:00-16:30 (Entrance by 16:00)
    Fee: Adult 800yen/ High School Student 700yen/ Junior High School Student 500yen

* Kanchi-in House

   Time 9:00-16:30 (Entrance by 16:00)
   Fee: Adult 600yen/ Child (~Elementary school) 300yen

Then, there is Kobo market (弘法市) once per month (on the 21st of every month), where you can find many street stalls in and around the temple. 
Kobo market day may give you happiness if you visit the temple on that day!

If you visit Kyoto, please come to see Toji Temple!!

Feb 2, 2014

Village Vanguard--exciting book store--

 If you are crazy about something funny,cute and fashionable,I'd love to recommend you 'Village Vanguard'!
They are book store but they sell not only books but also some funny things.
you will see what you can meet when you get there and it would be fun to go there without much information.
I am actually a big fan of the store since I was high school students and I still like it even though I go there often.
You can find some branches in Kyoto and the best access one is located at Kyoto-Yodobashi building which is very near to Kyoto tower.
Kyoto-Yodobashi 5th floor

Village Vanguard