Oct 31, 2011

Jonangu Shrine "Kyokusui no En"

  • NOV.3 Jonangu Shirine
  • Elegant poetry game played by men and women dressed as Heian aristocrats.


    • [ Jonangu Shirine ]
    • Tel : 075-611-0575
      Access :
      City Subway Karasuma Line "Takeda" station
      City Bus No South 1,2, 3 to "Jonangu-higashi-guchi"

    Oct 18, 2011

    Let's ZAZEN!

    Our neighborhood temple, Tofukuji temple has a monthly Zazen practice.
    It will be held on Oct 23rd (Sun) this month.

    ---Sunday Zazen Practice---
    Date: Oct 23rd
    Time: 8:00 - 9:00
    Place: Zen hall at Tofuku ji temple
    Free to join

    There are the learner monks. They sit with you and some of them hit you if you ask.
    It will be a bit chilly in the hall, please bring extra jacket with you.

    Oct 12, 2011

    Open air-cafe & Handmade Art Gallery

    How are you enjoying with this beautiful Autumn?

    You might feel that you need something or someone
    to hold you warm in this season.

    Is this just my feeling? anyways....

    A heartful event is coming!!

    "Open air-cafe & Handmade art gallery"

    23rd Oct. (SUN)
    @Kyoto Kaikan 10a.m. - 16p.m.

    There will be many kinds of handmade stuff to look up!

    Take a hot drink and see around with lovely arts.


    Oct 9, 2011

    Hold a mass for dolls

    It's a bit spooky as you can see on the photo avobe.
    This is an festival for holding a mass for any dolls.

    It's called " NINGYO KUYO"

    DATE: 14th OCT.
    TIME: 10:30am -12pm
    PLACE: 宝鏡寺(HouKyou-ji)

    You may have some dolls since you were a small kid.
    However, it's hard to throw them away without any feelings.
    So, they've made an event for any dolls.

    COST: 3,000yen for your dolls.
    "Free"to Visit !!

    Access: City Bus #9 or #12 "Horikawa Teranouchi"

    Oct 8, 2011

    Fire Festival in Kurama

    Usually Oct 22nd is the day of `Jidai Matsuri Festival' among people in Kyoto.
    'Jidai Matsuri Festival' ;http://www.kyotojoho.co.jp/english/event/2011/10/index.html

    However there is another festival on the same day at just a bit north of Kyoto, Kurama.
    It is called as `Hi Matsuri (Fire Festival)'.
    Ans it is known as unusual festival...

    ---Fire Festival in Kurama---
    DATE: Oct 22nd (sat)
    TIME: 18:00~midnight
    PLACE: Yuki Jinja Shrine
    Access: from J-Hoppers Kyoto, Keihan train 'Tofukuji'sta. - 'Demachiyanagi'sta.
    transfer to
    Eiden train 'Demachiyanagi'sta. - 'Kurama'

    * The festival will be finished at midnight, please check your last train in advance.

    Long row of torches planted on both sides of the street leading to Yuki Shrine are lit at 6pm.
    Children in festival dress march to the Shrine carrying small torches, followed by adults with bigger torches.