Oct 8, 2011

Fire Festival in Kurama

Usually Oct 22nd is the day of `Jidai Matsuri Festival' among people in Kyoto.
'Jidai Matsuri Festival' ;http://www.kyotojoho.co.jp/english/event/2011/10/index.html

However there is another festival on the same day at just a bit north of Kyoto, Kurama.
It is called as `Hi Matsuri (Fire Festival)'.
Ans it is known as unusual festival...

---Fire Festival in Kurama---
DATE: Oct 22nd (sat)
TIME: 18:00~midnight
PLACE: Yuki Jinja Shrine
Access: from J-Hoppers Kyoto, Keihan train 'Tofukuji'sta. - 'Demachiyanagi'sta.
transfer to
Eiden train 'Demachiyanagi'sta. - 'Kurama'

* The festival will be finished at midnight, please check your last train in advance.

Long row of torches planted on both sides of the street leading to Yuki Shrine are lit at 6pm.
Children in festival dress march to the Shrine carrying small torches, followed by adults with bigger torches.

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