Aug 19, 2011

a Monster train!?

Only once a year, you will experience the train ride full of monsters!

---a Monster creature on the train---

DATE: Aug 19th - Aug 21st and Aug 26th - Aug 28th
TIME TABLE: between Shijo Omiya station and Arashiyama station

Shijo Omiya 18:04 - Arashiyama 18:26
Arashiyama 18:50 - Shijo Omiya 19:12
Shijo Omiya 19:34 - Arashiyama 19:56
Arashiyama 20:10 - Shijo Omiya 20:32

FARE: adult 200yen
children 100yen
a monster 50yen

Aug 18, 2011

Adashino nenbutsuji sentou kuyou

@ Adashino nenbutsuji sentou kuyou

Date: 23rd and 24th August
Time: 17:30 - 20:30
Fee: 1,000yen

There will be a special ceremony at Adashino nunbutsuji.
They correct their stone Buddhists and stone pagodas for that.
Worshippers could votive candle between the stones.
It would be a very mysterious.

Access: City Bust #72 "Toriimoto"

Aug 7, 2011

20th of Aug KAMOCINEMA7(カモシネマ7)

the hot summer day every day in Kyoto.
But after the sunset, we have nice breezy time!!

On the 20th of Aug, the now customary cinema event at Kamo river side.


Outside evening cinema event open : 18:30
start : 19:30
fee : free
the map link ⇒ Map
the Official HP ⇒ HERE!!

Aug 2, 2011

Fushimi Toro lit up

Do you know Fushimi in Kyoto?
It's famous for sake breweries such as "Gekkeikan".

There are lit up in this area.

Date: Today - 21st August
Time: 18:00pm - around 21:00pm
Free to walk around!

You could also taste some sake breweries in the as well.

Access from Kyoto sta. : Keihan line " Fushimi momoyama"