Dec 7, 2011

the watch‐night bell

Dec 31st is called 'Ohmisoka' among Japanese people. We stay up till midnight hearing 'Jyoya no kane'(the watch-night bell).

This bell sound is coming not from far mountains but from the temples nearby.
And you can even ring the bell to visit temples.

'Tofuku ji temple' is one of our closest choices for ringing bell.
We ring the bell only 108 times for some Buddhism reason, so usually we make a queue to get a a numbered ticket indicating the order.

Tofuku-ji Temple
・23:00 gate open and ticket will be served
・23:00 start to ring the bell
No reservation
Free to join
Access: 15 minuets walk from J-Hoppers Kyoto Guesthouse

Dec 4, 2011

Kakure Nenbutsu at Rokuharamitsuji Temple

DEC.13 - DEC.30
Rokuharamitsuji Temple

Unique style of Nenbutsu, prayer to the Buddha, started by the holy priest Kuya in 951 to help the people in Kyoto from epidemics.
Priests chant/dance the prayer wishing people to expiate the sins of the past year and to have a happy new year. ( daily around 4:00PM)

* [ Rokuharamitsuji Temple ]
* Tel : 075-561-6980
Access : City Bus No.206 "Kiyomizu-michi"

Dec 2, 2011

Arashiyama Hana Toro

Time flies !
2011 is just a month to go.

Before turning into 2012.
There is an event for lit up in Arashiyama.

Schedule: 9th Dec. to 18th Dec. @17 pm to 20:30pm

There are some beautiful stuff to look up
such as bamboo forest and a Togetsu bridge.

You'd better to see the difference between daytime and night time.

Access: JR Sagano line to "Saga Arashiyama"