Aug 22, 2015

NINJA Restaurant!

Do you like NINJA?

In the center of Kyoto, there is the Ninja Restaurant!
You can enjoy a live Ninja show with Ninja themed food.

The show combines sword battle, dance, acrobatics... and it is fantastic!

For more details, please check their website below.
Enjoy the Ninja world!

-Dining Theater NINJA (NINJA KYOTO)-

Aug 16, 2015

chill with 100yen

You must be very thirsty while you are in Kyoto.
I know, The summer in Kyoto is fatal !!!
I love living in Kyoto but I dislike to be here in summer.

Well, Here is a tip to feel much better only with 100yen !!!
You can find ICED COFFEE either in 7-Eleven, Family Mart and Lawson. It means almost averywhere in Japan! 

Starbucks is too expensive! 
Just grab some convenience store's iced coffee and keep going !!!

Aug 13, 2015

Let's go see Daimonji Fires together!

16 August 
We are going to see Daimonji Ritual Fires together!!!

The Daimonji Gozan Okuri-bi is one of the four major traditional seasonal events in Kyoto. The fires are set on five mountains in the city and each represents Buddhist symbol, which is used as a way of guiding the spirits of the dead back to the Buddhist Pure Land; Daimonji fire setting starts at 8pm.

We meet at J-Hoppers Lobby and leave at 7pm! 


Fee: 100Yen (Daimonji postcard included)