Feb 28, 2010

Plum Blossom Shower in Kyoto

Plum blossoms in Kyoto has appeared so many times in Japanese classical poems.
It colors memory of people for it's fragrance .
Spring is here ,one after another , different plums are blooming like a bird fly from the brunch to brunch.Why don't we take a walk in the new spring shower?

KitanoTenmangu shrine
plum garden 600yen comes with sweets and tea
10am-16pm until the end of March
This is a nice district for walk and nice restaurants and shops.

Jonan-gu shrine
Hanging plum blossoms and Camellia
Feb 18th-March 21st 500yen 9am -16pm
Gorgeous Hanging plum blossoms and spacious fantastic gardens designed by Mirei Shigemori.

Other selected places to enjoy plum viewing
Kyoto Impreial palace (down town)
Umemiya taisha shrine(south west)
Kyoto botanical garden(north)
Zuishin-in temple(south east)

写真,素材,無料,フリー,フォト,クリエイティブ・コモンズ,風景,壁紙,梅園の紅梅, うめ, 梅, プラム, 枝

Shuntoue (春桃会) @ Sanjusangen-do on the 3rd of March

March 3rd is Girls' Festival in Japan. The day is not an official holiday, but the day is one of the most interesting days for tourist.
Many temples and shrines have special festival on the day. I especially recommend you to go to Sanjusangen-do (again :-)).
Highly recommended point is===>Entrance Free!!(usual -->600yen)

↓Access from J-Hoppers Kyoto guest House ↓
City bus #208'Oishibashi'⇒'Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo-mae'

Also the 3rd of Mar is Wednesday. So Club World @Shijokawaramachi is entrance free !! (every wed entrance free!<--but this one for girls only).

Nagashi Bina at Shimogamo Shrine

It is Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival for girls) on March 3rd in Japan.
Here in Kyoto, there are various kinds of events at the temples and shrines to celebrate that day.
One of the most interesting event is ' Nagashi Bina ' which is held in Shimogamo Shrine. Hina dolls made of paper are put on straw plates and they are floated into the river to pray for children's health and happiness.
This traditional event has been taken place for more than a thousand year(since Heian period).

There will be the street performance, traditional kimono show and if you are lucky, you are able to take the pictures with Hina dolls.
Also one of the luckiest couple will wear proper costume of Hina dolls and her husband.

Access: City bus #205 'Tadasuno mori' bus stop

Feb 16, 2010

Sanyare Festival @ Kamigamo Shrine

Sanyare Festival which means a coming‐of‐age ceremony will be held at 11:00 of the 24th @ Kamigamo Shrine.

Boys who live in Kamigamo Shrine's neighborhood will be 15 years old in the year form a line and play the drum, gong and flute.

It's a bit distant from J-Hoppers to Kamigamo Shrine, but there is a historical townscape remains around Kamigamo Shrine area.