Feb 28, 2010

Plum Blossom Shower in Kyoto

Plum blossoms in Kyoto has appeared so many times in Japanese classical poems.
It colors memory of people for it's fragrance .
Spring is here ,one after another , different plums are blooming like a bird fly from the brunch to brunch.Why don't we take a walk in the new spring shower?

KitanoTenmangu shrine
plum garden 600yen comes with sweets and tea
10am-16pm until the end of March
This is a nice district for walk and nice restaurants and shops.

Jonan-gu shrine
Hanging plum blossoms and Camellia
Feb 18th-March 21st 500yen 9am -16pm
Gorgeous Hanging plum blossoms and spacious fantastic gardens designed by Mirei Shigemori.

Other selected places to enjoy plum viewing
Kyoto Impreial palace (down town)
Umemiya taisha shrine(south west)
Kyoto botanical garden(north)
Zuishin-in temple(south east)

写真,素材,無料,フリー,フォト,クリエイティブ・コモンズ,風景,壁紙,梅園の紅梅, うめ, 梅, プラム, 枝

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