Oct 29, 2017

Koudaiji lights up

Hi, I'm Tomo and I work at J-Hoppers Kyoto.
The temperature has dropped and the leaves are just
starting to change colors. It's finally Autumn in Japan.
This will be an information blog about Kodai-Ji Illumination.
Kodai-Ji is located on the Eastern side of Kyoto, near
Kiyomizu Temple. During the Autumn season, Kyoto has many
famous spots that are featured. Although for me, Kodai-Ji
is the most beautiful.

Wow! Amazing isn't it?!
During illumination, the pond reflects the Autumn
colored leaves of the trees creating a picturesque view.
There are many visitors around this time, but it is
definitely worth going.
Please come and visit.
Kodai-ji Zen Temple
526 Shimogawara-cho, Higashiyama-ku,
Kyoto,605-0825 Japan
Date; October 21th to December 10th
                                    Time; After sunset to 9:30pm (entrance closing)
                                    Entrance Fee; 600yen

Oct 28, 2017

KIMONO experince

Hi, this is Saho from J-Kyoto.

The other day my friends and I explored Arashiyama in Kimono.
It was a bit cold day but I was warm enough as I put on a thick kimono and
was excited all the time.
My recommendable photo shooting spot is behind of RANDEN train station.
there are many colorful poles arrayed in line and are lit up at night so it is
really photogenic !
Arashiyama is surrounded by mountain and there are many temples there so vivid colored kimono would really stand out !!

Oct 4, 2017

ART FLEA MARKET this weekend!

I've already mentioned many times how amazing Kyoto's flea market culture is, and here's another info for handmade fans!

Kyoto Art Flea Market

7th - 9th October

The museum of Kyoto and Wings Kyoto (both close to subway Karasuma-oike station)

Their official website hasn't been updated much other than the schedule, but you can check the details of each artists' stuff through Facebook page!

Oct 2, 2017


IT IS ALWAYS GOOD  to drink sake with nice people at nice place.

A variety of sake bars have opened in Kyoto recently proportionate with the amount of tourists visiting kyoto.

This sake bar we went last night is one of good places in Kyoto.

They pick about 10 sake brands out of over 50 of selection as ' tonight's special '  with nicely selected small dishes go good with sake.

The location is not so convenient from Kyoto central station but if you are interested in sake , this bar is absolutely worth a stop in.