Jul 30, 2011

Buddhism Lecture in summer

Some of the temples in Kyoto are going to held the 'Lecture' about Buddhism as an annual event.
You will experience Zen meditation and several religious discourses.

Here is the information;

・Chion in temple Jul 27th - Jul 31st
from 6:00-
* You will be served a cup of gruel after the lecture.

・Kiyomizu temple Aug 1st - Aug 5th
from 6:00-

・Chishaku in temple Aug 1st - Aug 3rd
from 6:30-
* You will be served a cup of gruel and a small gift (500 people)
You can visit the garden for free ( between 7:30-9:00)

There is no charge and reservation for all of those temples above.

The early bird catches the worm!

Jul 22, 2011

Hanagasa-Junko ( Umbrella Procession )

Gion Matsuri Festival still goes on !!

JUL.24 Hanagasa-Junko ( Umbrella Procession )

About ten large umbrellas, decorated with flowers, parade through the streets accompanied by musicians, Geisha and many other people.

* Prossesion route :
* Yasaka Shrine --> Shijo St. --> Kawaramachi St. -->
* --> Oike St. --> Teramachi St. --> Shijo St. --> Yasaka Shrine

* [ Yasaka Shrine ]
* gion_hanagasa-02.jpg Tel : 075-561-6155
* Access : City Bus No.206 Gion

Jul 10, 2011

Movie 'Chandmani' @Kyoto Cinema

It is showed only for a week.

Jul 9th (Sun) - Jul 15th (Fri)
everyday 19:20 start 21:00 close
Ticket 1,800yen (general) 1,300yen (student)
@ Kyoto Cinema

Two boys travel from Ulaanbaatar (capital city of Mongolia) to Chandmani village. They try to look for who they are through the traveling. It also shows that how people in Mongolia lives - young people leaves countryside and heads for the capital city, they work at the factories (leather or meat) for making a living, families are apart from each other, traditional Tuvan throat singing is going to be disappeared little by little.

If you have never been to Mongolia, first you will experience amazing landscape. We are questioned what the affluent society is by this movie.

Jul 6, 2011

Highlights of Gion Festival

One of the largest Festival is coming on !

It's called " Gion Festival".
As you may know about Gion district, and the festival is one whole July.

We introduce some of the highlights of the festival.

14th-16th July
Time: 18pm - 23pm

All the 32 Hoko and Yama (floats) are decorated with lanterns , and
musicians wearing "Yukata" (summer Kimono) play rhythmical
"Gion Bayashi" music on the floats.
There are some outside shops on Shijo st. during the night.

17th July
Time: 9am -15pm

"Yama-Hoko Junko"
The first Naginata Float starts moving at 9am,
then a formal ceremony confirms the order of the floats.
The route of the moving is as follows,

9AM Shijio Karasuma ⇒ Shijo Kawaramachi ⇒ Shijo Oike ⇒ Oike Shinmachi

There will be so many people around.
Please don't miss your way!

City bus #202 or #207 "GION"