Jul 10, 2011

Movie 'Chandmani' @Kyoto Cinema

It is showed only for a week.

Jul 9th (Sun) - Jul 15th (Fri)
everyday 19:20 start 21:00 close
Ticket 1,800yen (general) 1,300yen (student)
@ Kyoto Cinema

Two boys travel from Ulaanbaatar (capital city of Mongolia) to Chandmani village. They try to look for who they are through the traveling. It also shows that how people in Mongolia lives - young people leaves countryside and heads for the capital city, they work at the factories (leather or meat) for making a living, families are apart from each other, traditional Tuvan throat singing is going to be disappeared little by little.

If you have never been to Mongolia, first you will experience amazing landscape. We are questioned what the affluent society is by this movie.

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