Jan 23, 2010

Setsubun event at Yoshida Shrine

Before romantic Valentine, there is a event for soybeans in Japanese culture. It is called Setsubun. People scatter soybeans to outside to drive bad spirits out of their houses and bring in good luck.

This ceremony is also held in temples and shrines.
Feb 2nd-Feb 4th [ Yoshida Shrine ]

Tel : 075-771-3788
Access : City Bus 202 'Kumano Jinjya mae' walk 10minits

Feb 2nd:Tsuina-shiki ( Ceremony of Chase Devils ) 6:00PM~
Feb 3rd:Karo Festival (good luck charms from last year are burned in a giant central bonfire) 11:00PM~

There are also more than 800 street stalls during the events.
Please enjoy Japanese traditional toys and sweets.
If you buy a bag of soybeans, you will get a a raffle ticket.
Why don't you try your luck for 2010?

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