Mar 21, 2010

SAKURA Cherry blossom has popped out!

Finally, long cold winter has left and Sakura came out .
This year , sakura came out earlier than last years.
Don't worry, all the different kinds of sakura bloom in different time.
If you come to Kyoto within this week, I recommend you to visit north part of Imperial park.
(Free, 24hours open)
Gorgeous hanging sakura is blooming fully.Also in-between Gojo and Nanajo street, kamo river side, you can see such an amazing sakura giving joy to people's eye and hearts!

Shidare sakura at Kamoriver
around Shichijo and Gojo
22nd March 2010

Yukiyanagi flowers at Kamo river
22nd March 2010

Shidare Sakura near Heian shrine.
19th March 2010

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