Mar 1, 2011

Girl's Day -3rd Mar.

Do you know about Girl's day?
It's on the 3rd of March every year.

People display graceful dolls in ancient court costumes
on a tier of 5 or 7 shelves covered with scarlet cloth.
These dolls represent the Emperor and Empress,
the court ladies, the ministers and the court musicians.
The girls are expected to be as elegant as these courtly ladies.

There is an event for Girl's day at Shimogamo shrine.
DATE : 3rd March
TIME: 10:30am -

The event called " Nagashi bina",paper dolls floated downriver.
wish for a state of perfect health for you and your kids.

This is a very arcane ritual and Japanese tradition.

Access: City but #205 "Shimogamo jinjya mae"

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