Oct 6, 2012

Monster Street

Ichijyo street lies on the northern tip of Heian-Kyo (one of the Japanese former capitals), that is, the border between the internal and external. In Heian-kyo, some also said it was the route between the human world and the non-human world.
Rumour has it that on a dark night during Heian period, the old materials and goods dumped by humans transformed into Yōkai (called ‘Kutsumogami’). One after another, a throng of monsters marched into the capital via this Ichijo street.
Moreover, a second-hand market has been held for many years on the 25th day of every month at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, in the vicinity of Ichijo street, because apparently the people in the past started reselling their old belongings before they turned into monsters according to “Onmyo (Yin-yang) Yōkai emaki” written by ARAMATA Hiroshi.

Monster Street on Ichijo street
Oct 20th (Sat)
Frea Market 16:00-
Monster Parade 18:30-

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