May 13, 2013

Nikiniki-a lovely Nama Yastuhashi shop-

Nama Yatsuhashi is the most famous and popular sweets to bring it back home in Kyoto.

With sweet paste (usually made of sweetened red beans) folded with squared dough (cinnamon or mattcha flavored and etc..) into triangular shape.

You could find it whereever you go in Kyoto without any effort to find it!

Maybe you will get bored how they look and they become not to fancy you anymore...?
In that case, this might still fancy you.

The shop's name is "nikiniki" . It is owned by one famous Nama-Yatsuhashi shop.

You could choose combination of paste and dough among the choices by yourself:)
Mattcha and chocolate, cinnamon and apple....

they make its shape like flowers when you order yours at the counter!

Why not try it?

Place: Shijo-Kiyamachi (it's just at the corner right next to the Hankyu Kawaramachi station)


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