Dec 16, 2013

New Year's Eve Event at J-Hoppers KYOTO

 Here is a plan for our New Year's Eve at J-Hoppers Kyoto !

DEC 31st

18:30   Start to cook "Toshikoshi-Soba" (We are tempted to eat black wheat noodle during the last days of the year, based on our unique customary thoughts from the ancient times that we cannot finish up the old year without eating this. )

19:15   Start to eat with watching "Kohaku-Utagassen" (An annual music show. AKB48, Perfume, kyary pamyu pamyu...will be in the show!)

21:00   Walking to Tofukuji temple to get a number ticket and then ring "Joya-no-kane". (the ringing of the temple bell one hundred and eight times at about midnight on New Year´s Eve. It is believed to remove 108 worldly desires of human beings and purify the soul for the new year.)

0:00    We will disperse there as soon as you finish ringing the bell. If you still have energy, Why don't you go to Fushimi-Inari for "Hatsumoude" (First visit of the year to a shrine.)

We hope you will have a Happy New Year!


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