May 30, 2014

Ajisai-Matsuri in Sanzenin

 The rainy season is setting in soon. 
In Kyoto, we usually have such rainy days especially in June.
However, we have special events during the gloomy season.

 The rainy season makes us think of hydrangeas in Japan and the best to see full-blown flowers in a year.
Sanzenin is the temple for Tendai sect of Buddihism in Ohara area in Kyoto.
Its initial opening was 1,200 years ago.
During the rainy season, we can see about 3,000 hydrangeas in the temple.

 For the best season for hydrangeas, there is Ajisai-Matsuri in Sanzenin from June 16th to Jul 15th.
 On the first day of the festival, we have a reading ceremony for Daihannya-kyo (Great Perfection of Wisdom Sutra) and Saitougomaku.
Saitougomaku is the general name of religious rites to wish no occurrence of disasters by firing and smoking some holy trees called “Gomagi.”

Ajisai-Matsuri in Sanzenin
June 16th ~ July 15th
On June16th:11:00~ Daihannya-kyo, 13:30~Saitogomaku in Konjikifudo-do

March - October           9:00~17:00 (closing time: 17:30)
November                    8:30~17:00 (closing time: 17:30)
December - February   9:00~16:00 (closing time: 17:30)

Admission: Adult 700yen, Junior high school student 400yen, Elementary school student 150yen
Access: Kyoto Bus no.17 from Kyoto Station (C3) to Ohara

 We also can feel cooler in Ohara than the centre of Kyoto city.
 Why don’t you visit Sanzenin so as to forget the heat?

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