Jul 24, 2014

Firework Festival in Uji

We have many events in Kyoto during summer holiday.
Have you ever seen any Japanese firework display before?
As one of famous firework festivals, there is Firework Festival in Uji, namely Ujigawa Hanabi Taikai (宇治川花火大会).

Firework Festival in Uji
Date    August 11th, 2014
Time   19:45 - 20:45
*will be postponed until August 14th in the case of heavy weather.
Place  Uji Park Nakanoshima, near the Uji River
*There are some areas for pay seats in the place (Advance booking and tickets required).
Access JR Uji Station (Nara Line)
*17 minutes by "Kaisoku" from Kyoto Station

You can see a display of fireworks on the river. This year, the theme for the firework display is "Genji roman (源氏ロマン),"  which is expressed as the world of "Genji-Monogatari," the Tales of Genji.
Murasaki-shikibu (紫式部) produced a literary work called "Genji-Monogatari" during Heian Era. Nowadays you can read this old novel in English. There is an English book called "the Tales of Genji" translated with an introduction by Edward G. Seidensticker.
You can feel the world of Genji-Monogatari by seeing the display of fireworks!

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