Apr 10, 2015

Hiking Mt. Daimonji

For someone who likes hiking, now it is one of the best seasons to hike up the Mt. Daimonji.
Mt. Daimonji is just behind Ginkakuji Temple (Silver Pavilion) so easy to get there.
It takes less than 1 hour to the top of the mountain.

You will feel at peace of sunlight filtering down through the trees.

You will come out in the middle of the “dai” on which fires are burned during the August Gozan-no-Okuribi Fire Festival.
You can see the whole of Kyoto City from the top!

It is good to have a lunch at the top of the mountain. 
You might feel more delicious with a sense of accomplishment and the nice view. 
But be careful! There are some birds always wait for the chance to get your food!

Hiking Mt. Daimonji is popular among many people regardless of age.

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