May 20, 2015


I went to Himeji about 1 month ago (i wanted to say "the other day" but I decided to be honest).

It was a lot better and nicer city than I expected although it was fortunately raining.
Himeji Castle is good and beautiful.

But what I would like to recommend is Himeji City Museum of Art,
which is about 10 minutes walk from the entrance of the castle.

It's a nice walk with a view of the castle on your left side:)

The building is western style with brown-red bricks has a nice park in front:)
What I love about the museum is it's emptiness!

It was a Marc Chagall's exhibitio, and it it were at somewhere in Kyoto or in another big cities, 
I bed there should be too many people enough to make you feel like you rather come over there to watch people not the paintings.

You could enjoy every piece of Chagall's art taking as much time as you would like to spare:)
Chagall's exhibition is on till the 30th of May so if you every visit Himeji, please visit the museum as well:)

And eat this!!! Akashi Yaki (takoyaki wih broth soup)

On the way to the museum

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