Feb 23, 2016

Cozy cozy cozy

Hi, how aye you doing ? It has become warmer and warmer and spring is almost there?
As it gets warmer, good to take a walk and have a rest at some point,

Let me introduce you one ideal flow to go.

Let's focus on "Tsutaya bookstore in Okazaki,Kyoto" (京都岡崎 蔦谷書店)
It is in the ROHM THEATRE , on the 1st floor and there are multi genre books are available.

                                                                                                                                                                                              You can see lots of attractive guidebooks featuring Kyoto and Japanese cultures along with some Japanese souvenirs.
  Let's move to 2nd floor. It is cafe ,restaurant or bar. They offer you meal, sweets and alcohol.     High ceiling , light and airy and very cozy. Suitable with your friends, colleagues and your loved one.
                                                                           Finally, let's take a look at 3rd floor and this is definitely my favorite place.                              It is so comfortable and cozy !  You can bring up coffee and indulge yourself in relaxing on the couch reading books :-)

  Thank you very much for reading all through.

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