Oct 6, 2016

Awata Festival

Awata Shrine is in Gion Area which is not one of Kyoto's famous shrines though, it is popular in autumn for its tunnel of coloured leaves.
And it has a big festival in this month!

Oct. 9th (from 18:00)
-Awata Huge Lanterns-
 Various kinds of lanterns will parade around the shrine.

-Yowatari Shinji-
 Shinto priests and monks will welcome the divine spirit by walking around the stone called “Uryuseki” for three times.This Shinto ritual is a ceremony to give thanks to god of Awata who descended.

Oct. 10th (from 12:30)
  It is held to give strength to shrine parishioners by parading around the area.
  On this day, more than 200 people will carry huge Mikoshi (portable shrines) around the town.       Also, group of people who hold long-handled spears will purify the parade road by the spears.       Although these spears weight about 40 - 60 kilogram and height about 7 - 8 meters, people who   hold them balance well while parading.

Oct. 15th (from 11:00)
 Bugaku (court dance and music) will be performed on the stage.

Access: 7min walk from Subway Tozai Line "Higashiyama Station"
            5min walk from "Jingu-michi Bus Stop"

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