Jul 4, 2010

7th JULY Tanabata

Do you know about ☆Tanabata☆ ? ... meaning is "Evening of the seventh"
This is a traditional Japanese star festival on the 7th JULY every year.

It celebrates the meeting of Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair).
The Milky Way, a river made from stars that crosses the sky, separates these lovers,
and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh.
The celebration is held at night, once the stars come out.

How Romantic !

Nowadays, people generally celebrate this day by writing wishes on tanzaku, small pieces of paper, and hanging them on bamboo.

There are some events for the day in Kyoto !

☆Jinushi Shrine @ Kiyomizu Temple☆

This shrine is very famous for ''Love Wish''.
Most of Japanese girls have been there once to make a wish for their any love.

This time you can write a wish on Kokeshi dolls,cylindrically-shaped bodies with a round head and no hands or feet, and hanging them on the bamboo !
Sounds very interesting !

Access: City bus #100, 202, 206, 207 to 'Kiyomizu Michi'

☆Kitano Tenmangu Shrine☆

7th July 13:30~
There will be a Tanabata dance performance @Kitano Tenmangu Shrine.
It is also very traditional and only for that day !

Enjoy Tanabata !

Access: City bus #50 'Kitano Tenmangu Mae'

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