Jul 10, 2010

A thousand times visit Atago Shrine

Through the night on Jul 31st to Aug 1st,
tens of thousands of people visit Atago Shrine,
which on top of the mountain located northwest part of Kyoto city.

This is not only all night long crazy visiting shrine,
but also once you visit there on that day,
it means you visit there a thousand times.
Especially Atago shrine is a symbolic of fireproof.
So this worship brings you protection from fire.

It is about 4km climbing. And on the top of mountain, there are some place to have a rest and shops to have a little snack. Also, you can get the charms for your kitchen wall to put on (500 yen).

Access: Kyoto bus no. 62 or 72
    Kyoto sta.~ Kiyotaki bus stop 270/one way 54mins

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