Dec 15, 2014

Arashiyama Hana-to-ro (嵐山花灯路)

I visited Arashiyama yesterday! ”Arashiyama Hana-to-ro (嵐山花灯路)” is now held until December 21st.

There are some beautiful illuminations of the nature with Togetsukyo Bridge (渡月橋) and some Japanese flower arrangement (いけばな)  , so they let us feel Japanese atmosphare! 
The most magical place is the small lane called ”Chikurin-no-michi (竹林の道) ” surrounded by bamboo thickets.

You can visit there by JR Sagano Line from Kyoto station to Saga-Arashiyama. It takes about 10 minutes to get to ”Chikurin-no-michi” from Saga-Arashiyama Station.

Arashiyama Hana-to-ro
December 12th - 21st
Time: 17.00 - 20.30

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