Dec 23, 2014


2015 year is rapidly coming by.

Would you like to know what it is going to bring to your life?
The very first thing I will definitely do in the beginning of January is going to a temple and taking OMIKUJI.

Omikuji is a prediction written on the strips of paper which you can take paying about 100 yen at any shrine or temple.
On the very top of prediction you can see 1 or 2 characters, for instance:
大吉 very good luck
good luck
末吉 ending of your good luck
bad luck
And more detailed fortune (like marriage, long trip or disease) is written bellow. If it happens that you got a bad prediction, it is a custom to fold up the strip of paper and attach it to a pine tree in the temple or shrine grounds.
By the way, in Kyoto Omikuji in English are available at Sanjyusangendo Temple!

Good luck!  

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