Apr 14, 2016

Relaxing, Tasty and comfortable cafe to go

Hi there ! It has been weird weather these days. One day it is chilly and the other day it is amazingly warm ( rather hot!)
Some people might have itchy feet to be under the sunshine!

Today, I would like to recommend one of my favorite cafes that is "MARUNI CAFE"
It is located near GOJYO Staion(五条駅), Kyoto.
The building itself is a workshop so playful atmosphere is
 floating a whole building and that cafe is on the 2nd stories.

Their speciality is a meat patty and they serve lots variety of sauce with best seasonal vegetable such as creamy sauce with spring cabbage. The photo below is a meat patty with demi-glace cheese sauce.
The other outstanding menu is...TAIYAKI(たい焼き)that is a
 fish-shaped pancake made from flour and there is red bean paste in it. However, it does not need to be red bean,some are with green tea paste, custard,chocolate and cheese etc...
If you ever have chance, why don't you have a break in MARUNI CAFE ? :-)

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