Apr 25, 2016

To All The Craft Beer Fans

The beautiful blossom time's over, people in Kyoto seems to have been a bit relaxed after one of the busiest seasons a year.

Me, myself got to spend the very first spring here in Kyoto and it was quite enjoyable with work, social life, outdoor activities and stuff. Warm weather always takes me outside - under the sun, riverside, somewhere green.

One thing I really like to do outdoor in warm season is to have some beer with my friends.
It might sound weird for some non-Japanese as it's usually not allowed to drink outside in many countries.

And here we are - have you heard of Kyoto brewing? It's one of the Japanese craft beer breweries (still not so many) based in Kyoto. It's located in Jujo area which is not too far from J-hoppers, and they have a cool tasting space which is open only on weekends.

They usually have 4, 5 different kind of beer including some seasonal limited flavors that for sure you can find your favorite, mine is "Ichii Senshin" Belgium IPA which is very rich but still very fruity and easy to drink!

We've got a nice outdoor space and had a great time enjoying their freshly brewed beer, chilling, getting to know each other, and just being under the sun and embracing short spring!

If you ever come to Kyoto, local craft beer would be a special experience apart from touristic places :)

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