Jun 26, 2016

Tips on how to spend rainy days in Kyoto


I don't dislike rain but don't like myself trying to be lazy because of the weather. So I try to be as active as I can, finding some cool indoor attractions and activities.

Spoccha - massive entertainment center with all sorts of fun sections to enjoy, pretty much any games and sports you can think of for a set price (around 2,500 yen).

We took a free shuttle bus from Kyoto station, look how excited we were!.

You can even play Taiko no tatsujin for FREE.

Yes, arcade for free. Can't believe. I could have spent 24 hours there.

Omg Bubble soccer was probably everyone's favorite! It was so much fun both playing and watching!


Thanks for the awesome sporty day!

Rissho-cinema project - it was back in September, I found a cool abundant elementary school in the middle of the town. And I was curious if anything would happen there at some point, and I finally saw a sign that they opened a cafe and cinema there, and also they were showing a film that I wanted to watch called "Banksy Does New York"! So me, two helpers decided to try it out.

Nostalgic - the school reminded me of my old elementary school before it was renovated in 1996. Good old smell of wood, warm lights and squeaky wooden floor/hall way.
The cinema was in old teachers room which was small but they set up seats and screen nicely, I loved it. And the film itself was pretty good - I had watched some movies about him but Banksy Does New York is absolutely my favorite so far, very entertaining with slight British sense of humor but still got very strong messages that everyone can discuss after watching it. Highly recommended!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful rainy season with a lot of fresh green and something fun/inspirational!

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