Aug 7, 2016

Night Hike

I did a a hike in Mt. Atago(愛宕山)on 31st July.
This is the highest peak of the mountain in Kyoto city.

Every 31st of July, there is an annual event at the mountain which is "Sennichi Mairi ".
Visiting to the shrine on this day gives worshipers as much benefit as 1000 times visit. 

I and other J-Hoppers crew and guests got the starting point at 7 pm and headed to the peak.
The road was very rough and steep so it seemed quite tough hike.
Although, climbers gave encouraging words each other therefore, nice atmosphere was there and was so warm hearting and encouraging !

After 2 hours , we finally got the peak ! There is a 1400 year-old shrine at the top of the mountain and it was full of people and was so lively !

What was the hardest part for me was climbing down to the bottom.
It was quite scary and herd to walk down on rocky steps.

We got back to the starting point at 11:30 pm and it was so fun and accomplishing !

Will try again next summer :-)

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