Aug 11, 2016

Light Festival


Kyoto is now literally at the peak of summer and it is quite tough to be outside in the daytime because of the heat...

However, there are lots of nighttime events!

I am curious about this exhibition, the World Heritage Site, Shimogamo Shrine is lit up with mysterious lights!

It consists of two different arts, "Resonating Trees" and "Resonating Spheres".

Why don't you get impressed by this special event? :)

Term: August 17th (Wed) - 31st (Wed)
         *"Resonating Spheres" is only open on Aug. 17th (Wed) and on the weekend (Sat. and Sun.)

Venue: Shimogamo Shirine

Admission: Free ("Resonating Spheres": 500yen)

Hours: 18:00-21:30

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