Jan 9, 2018


Kinosaki onsen is one of the greatest holiday destinations in Japan.

There are many hot spring facilities and also it is famous for seafood since it is located by the sea.

Me and my friends went there the other day.

We, first, rent a car from Kyoto. It took around 4 hours driving up to Kinosaki onsen.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, it was the day a big snow storm hit Kinosaki-Onsen and snow covered all over the city instantly.

The city of Kinosaki covered by snow.

When we got to there, first we got a ticket which allows us go several Spa for a day (we heard there are 6 facilities in the city).

Although we could go only 3, they were amazing!

Hot water was a little bit hot for me but it was Ok.

Its us being stuck in snow in the mountain on the way to our airbnb.
I saw the most beautiful sky I have ever seen in my entire life there.

Luckily, we had been saved by a stranger. Big kiss for him!

First time making a snowman this year!

And finally, seafood..... No crabs but I realised shrimps taste 10 times better for meeeeeee.

Many things happened, I loved this trip!

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