Jan 8, 2018

New Sightseeing Spot in Kyoto

Happy New Year 2018!

Crowded new year's eve and new year's holidays  already became past.
And sadly Kyoto is about to enter "apparently nothing's going on" time of the year.

It's cold, no event going on, no flower etc...
Oh yes I cannot deny those, but! there is a new place to go for you.

It's 十二十二 (Toni Toni) close by Heian Jingu shrine, in Okazaki area where there are many museums and some small nice cafes and restaurants.

It just opened last December and it features Jidai Mastri (時代祭) which is held in October every year. In the festival, people with traditinal clothings from each historical era maech around the city of Kyoto, and at Toni Toni, you can enjoy the festival anytime of the year.

There are also some restaurants and cafes:)

Add Toni Toni to things to do list!!

Website: http://1022.kyoto.e.adg.hp.transer.com/

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