Feb 28, 2018

Kyoto Deep Friday Night

Some travelers are up for going-out in Kyoto..."where should I go on Friday night?" that's the question they sometimes ask me.

It really varies depending on their style or mood, some people prefer having fancy quiet night sipping whiskey at dim speakeasy bar, some prefer dancing like crazy, some prefer rocking at Karaoke.

One Friday night - me, my friends and some of our guests decided to go see Drag Show at Metro in Jingu Marutamachi station.

A drag show is an entertainment which is performed by drag artists.
Many drag shows feature performers singing or lip-synching to songs while performing a pre-planned pantomime, or dancing. The performers often don elaborate costumes and makeup, and sometimes dress to imitate various famous opposite sex singers or personalities. And some events are centered around drag, such as Southern Decadence where the majority of festivities are led by the Grand Marshals, who are traditionally drag queens. (wikipedia)

 So it begins - entrance is 2,000yen including one drink ticket (two drink tickets for foreigners and students!), and we waited for the show chatting up and dancing to warm up.

It was so much fun seeing the show which was very artistic and fascinating! The drag queens entertained people with their dance and lip-synching, sometimes giving people flowers!

Metro is one of the coolest clubs I've been to, and chosen as one of the most unique clubs in the world!

People there were very chill and friendly, we met some tourists but most of them were locals/students. You can for sure make some friends!

About Drag Show:
"Diamonds are forever" last Friday of the month

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