Feb 27, 2018

Sanjusangen-do Shuntoe

Hi, I'm Tomo, work at J-hoppers Kyoto.
This is a good news for a upcoming event.

In the spring of the Sanjusangen-do temple, "Peach's festival" will be held named after "Sanjusangendo", Celebratory events are held, such as worshiping flower arrangement of Flower Ikebana and Hana exhibition, worshiping the 1000 Kannon statue from the special high altar. Limited women's exclusive "Charm of peach" will be awarded.

Date&Time; March 3rd (9:00~15:30)
Admission fee; free(usually 600yen)
Access; 25mins walk or city bus #202 #207 #208 from Oishibashi to Higashiyama  Nanajo

Why don't you go visit there and get impressed by lots of Kannon statue!!?

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